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The Faerie Chronicles Fantasy Photography Forum Artshow


The Cottingely Society is proud to announce the first quarterly Fantasy Photography Forum Artshow! The artworks below are just the beginning! If you would like to participate, please see the rules by visiting or by visiting the forum.

Best in Show!

After a long wait, Faerie Chronicles is proud to present the Best in Show for the "Orange" artshow! - Vanessa Petri and her "Goddess of Twilight"!

Congratulations Vanessa! Her prize is a 13x19 giclee print of "Goddess of Twilight"!

"First of all it was not easy to come to a decision the quality of the creative and imaginative work of the chosen artists is getting better and better. In the final short listing my decisions were based on believability and realistic quality and color combinations to achieve this, the Vanessa Petrie and Andy Duroe images both capture a mystic quality of believable origination in color and proportion. My accolade however goes to Vanessa for her 'Goddess of Twilight' the image is quite simply spellbinding as it glides full of depth of dark powerful mystery, beautifully conceived and executed." - David Riche

Our Judge

Thank you to our judge, highly respected fairy artist supporter, David Riche of For years, David Riche has been supporting faery artists around the world. For the last few years, David have been producing faery books like the very popular World of Faery. Thank you David for helping to judge our contest!

Thank You!

Thank you David and thank you to all the participants! You guys created wonderful art for the world and helped make this show successful! Again, congratulations to Vanessa and thank you for seting the bar for our art form higher!


Fall Mischief
David Windham

Description: Firey Fall Faerie fixin' for frolickin'

StarLight 2
Jeff Knowles


The Thief of Faerie
Scott Grimando


Orange Blossom
Carrolyn Bilmer

Description: The ONLY Creature that is as Beautiful as a flower is a Fairy Child.

Pumpkin Faery
Lizzy van Leeuwen Elphame-Art

Description: This Faery helps humans to pick the right spot to begin carving a pumpkin face. She thinks it's very fun to see what people create with a knife and pumpkin!

Release, Copyright 2006
Rhonda R. Napoleon

Description: Garnet, The Fire Faerie

Goddess of Twilight
Vanessa Petri


Michelle Heron


Checking the wand
Daniela Colleo

Description: An orange fairy looking at her shining wand in a late summer day

Susan Schroder


Autum Delight
Jeanne Harris


Eric Dale Kimbrell

Description:Originally a shot of a girl leaning against a street lamp wearing a white sweater and jeans, it became obvious from the beginning what direction to go with this. She just looks like she's making a fervent plea on our behalf.

Orange Daze
Andy Duroe

Description:Fairies love to sit in the Autumn sun, and charge up there magical powers in the special spectrum of sun rays that come this time of year. Many types of Fairies body shift into insects, and hibernate for the winter, this may be your last chance to see them, until spring.

The Autumn Artist
Christopher Lee Jarvis

Description: The Autumn Artist brings fall to the forest with her palette of orange, red, and yellow.

For further information, please visit The Fantasy Photography Forum.

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